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Bait Ingredients

As used to amazing effect by Team Korda. Uses the same secret formula that has won the World Carp Fishing Championships four times! Enhances the attraction of bag, stick and method mixes and is also a perfect soak for bottom baits and pop-ups. 115ml bottle.

Using the original Rod Hutchinson recipes and formulas. 50ml bottle.

Highly soluble range of flavours in all water temperatures and are a perfect match for any the Mainline base mixes at any time of year. 60ml bottle.

A comprehensive range of flavours to suit everybody's needs. From fish to fruit to spice or savoury there is an attractor for every situation. 60ml bottle.

Remarkable resilience and stability, and they can be mixed together for a variety of colour permutations in finished bait. 25g tub.

PVA friendly. Designed to boost the attraction of prepared particles and pellets, or use as a highly effective groundbait additive. 500ml bottle.

Feed inducing flavours containing a combination of amino based attractors, taste enhancers and palatants. 100ml bottle.

A delicate blend of products that combine to produce the ultimate shelf-life additive. Simply add 25ml to a 16oz/500g mix, dry your baits thoroughly after boiling. 500ml bottle.
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A dedicated liquid food source additive, containing a complex reactionary triggering agent encapsulated in a liquid form. 300ml bottle.

No need to microwave or bake. Simply add eggs and boil for buoyant pop-ups every time. 250g tub.
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A range of highly concentrated appetite stimulators that allow you to add a totally unique smell and taste to your bait. 50ml bottle.

Belachan, the Asian name for a specific type of fermented shrimp paste, is a salty, strong smelling block that is used to create deep flavours in Malaysian dishes... And carp are practically addicted to it! 250g block.
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