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Nutrabaits Essential Oil 20ml

Nutrabaits Essential Oil 20ml

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The natural alternative - Nutrabaits oils are the purest, finest quality oils it is possible to buy. 20ml dropper bottle.

Essential Oils are organic substances which give plants their scent. The essences are extracted, usually by distillation, from herbs and spices, flowers, woods and resins.
Nutrabaits oils are the purest, finest quality oils it is possible to buy. Nutrabaits' attitude to oils is that anglers want them to use in food baits. Therefore they want them to go on working. For that reason, although there are cheaper oils available, Nutrabaits buy the very best and stick to that policy, whatever else is happening in the oil market.

All Nutrabaits Essential Oils are of human food grade quality and are natural by all internationally accepted definitions. Because of their sensitivity to light, all the oils are supplied in 20ml amber glass dropper bottles. The droppers measure 24 drops to 1ml to enable accurate dosages to be measured out. All oils have recommended dosages clearly shown on the label.

Bergamot Oil
Another firm favourite with many Nutrabaits users, Bergamot Oil is distilled from the rind of an orange-like fruit and it is actually the flavour used in the production of Earl Grey tea.
A beautiful, smooth smelling essential oil that is often included in the classic Strawberry, Cream and Bergamot combo.
Highly effective throughout the 12 months of the year in the base mix of your choice.

Geranium Oil
Buds from the Geranium plant are first dried and then ground before this fabulous smelling oil can be extracted.
Geranium Oil is one of the best known of the essential oils and certainly one of the most effective, having produced numerous big fish from a wide variety of waters throughout Europe since we initially released it way back in 1987.
Use either on its own or in conjunction with Cream Elite or Cream Cajouser.

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