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Nutrabaits Super Sweet 50g

Nutrabaits Super Sweet 50g

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One of Nutrabaits very versatile attractors that have proved equally effective throughout the year. 50g tub.

The primary aim when adding concentrated powdered sweetener is to give the bait an added underwater catching life. This is because powders are less soluble and therefore do not wash out from the bait as quickly as liquids. By including a highly concentrated powdered sweetener in the bait you are not only improving its palatability, you are also extending its attraction.

Chocolate Super Sweet
Specifically designed to complement Cream or Chocolate flavours, it will considerably up the attraction and food value qualities of any bait mix.
Suggested recipe - 16oz/500g Ener-vite Gold, 20ml Multimino, 6ml Chocolate Cream Elite and 4g of Chocolate Super Sweet.

Creamy Super Sweet
Fantastically sweet cream smell and taste that provides a vital flavour link between the powdered and liquid components that make up a home-made carp bait.
Generally used at 2 to 4g per 16oz/500g in combination with either fruit or cream based flavours.
Suggested recipe - 16oz/500g Four Seasons Mix or Ener-vite Gold, 6ml Cream Elite, 3ml Cream Cajouser and 4g Creamy Super Sweet?

Fruit Super Sweet
Ideal with the Cream of Fruit flavours or the essential oil of your choice.

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