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Nash Upper Layers Gyro Bug Mix

Nash Upper Layers Gyro Bug Mix

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This product is not available to order at present. It should be available by 30/06/2018
The Gyro Bug Mix has evolved from Kevin Nash's fascination of Zig fishing with imitations of water creatures. His aim was to create a feeding situation causing carp to hone in on his Zig Bugs, by creating a groundbait that would rise through the water column distributing attractive and tasty morsels in the same way as an emerging hatch. Each bag contains 1.8kg of Gyro Bug Mix, 240g of Bug Blend and 250ml of Gyro Juice.

The Gyro Mix consists of three parts; a natural crustacean liquid which is fuelled with free amino acid attractors.
The base groundbait is made up of of active ingredients which hang and work in the water column - water soluble attractors which are effective in all temperatures, making it an all year round mix.
The third and possibly most deadly part is the Riser Pellet and Bug blend, developed exclusively by Nash with natural dried insects which not only gyrate throughout the water column, but also increase activity in the base mix. These insects imitate an emerging hatch. This development isn't only effective because of the attractive food items, but the way NashBaits have cleverly incorporated movement to stimulate the carp to hunt out what they believe is a hatch of insects.
The Gyro Bug Mix hits the sweet spot throughout the water column, from bottom to top.

Gyro Bug Mix - Mixing Instructions
1) Add the base groundbait to the Riser Pellet / Bug Blend and mix thoroughly.
2) Pour in the 250ml of Gyro Juice.
3) Add 500ml of lake water (2 x empty Gyro Juice bottles).
Mix thoroughly and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Mix again, and you have an effective texture for fishing short to medium range. At this texture the balls will quickly break down with an eruption of particles of food through the water column. Ideal for little and often feeding.
For long range fishing add a further 250ml of lake water to further bind the mix.

Top Tips
You can enhance the attraction further by adding extra NashBait Riser Pellet during step 1 (above) so the balls will float. As they break up a mega attractive trail of feed will drift down through the water column, and a carpet of Pellet will remain on the surface to create a feeding frenzy.
Fish a bottom rig and boilies over the groundbait as well as your Zig Rigs. Then you are actively searching the entire water column for bites, from the surface to the bottom.

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