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Nutrabaits Alternative Hookbait Pop Ups

Nutrabaits Alternative Hookbait Pop Ups

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A range of alternative hookbait pop ups that represent the culmination of many years of experimentation with high attract hookbaits. Even higher levels of instant attraction can be added by using one of the dedicated Bait Soak Sprays (product code 00241). Simply open the pot of baits, apply a few squirts, replace the lid and shake until the baits are covered. 50g tub.

12mm Pop-Ups = approx 60 per tub.
16mm Pop-Ups = approx 30 per tub.

Pink Pepper - Pink
It has long been recognised that Black Pepper Oil is one of the carp world's most effective carp bait smells and these 'washed out' pink coloured pop-ups are absolutely bursting at the seams with the stuff!
Year-round results during field-testing have been impressive to say the least. Use either on their own or as the buoyant bait for a snowman cocktail presentation with a Trigga, Trigga Ice or 3D bottom bait.

Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid - Yellow
Some attractors are simply made to go together and none more so than Pineapple Nutrafruit and N-Butyric Acid. Awesome during the summer months and arguably even better during the winter, this particular bait was without doubt Nutrabaits fieldtesters' number one choice out of all the hookbait combos they tested.
Fluoro yellow in colour, these baits are superb when used singley and more than a little bit special when combined with a Classic Combination Pineapple and Banana bottom bait to create a snowman presentation.

Plum & Caproic - Pink
The Plum and Caproic Pop Ups contain a combination of the wonderful smelling and highly effective Plum Nutrafruit flavour and an organic fatty acid that is - in essence - a sister product to N-Butyric; namely Caproic Acid.
Spectacular field-testing results have been accredited to these fluoro plum coloured hookbaits over the last year or so, with numerous big fish coming to both single pop up presentations and to snowman rigs incorporating a Plum and Caproic Pop Up and a 'straight from the bag' food bait bottom bait.

White Spice - White
Many of Nutrabaits more experienced field-testers consider pure white to be the best colour for an alternative hookbait and, coupled with the optimum level of a spice flavour, these pop-ups certainly haven't disappointed during an extensive period of experimentation.
White Spice pop-ups have been responsible for the capture of some exceptionally big fish from the length and breadth of Europe.

Winter Berry - Purple and White
Don't be fooled by the name, this exclusive combination of highly concentrated fruit flavours, enhancers and esters produces excellent results throughout the twelve months of a year. Use the pop-ups with total confidence as either a standard pop-up hook bait or as the buoyant part of a snowman presentation.

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