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Nutrabaits Bait Soak Complex 100ml

Nutrabaits Bait Soak Complex 100ml

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Ideal to use as either a long or short term soak for pop-ups, balanced or standard 'straight from the bag' bottom baits, and adds enormously to the pulling power of any bait that is immersed in it. 100ml bottle.

Blue Oyster
A highly effective blend of Blue Oyster UTCS, Natural emulsifiers, Liquid liver protien, Seaweed and dissolved Betaine HC1.

A highly effective blend of Liquid Trigga Nutramino, Multimino PPC, Corn Steep Liquor and Betaine HC1.

Trigga Ice
This bait soak is laced with - amongst other things - Liquid Trigga Ice and is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with any hookbait that contains the incomparable Trigga Ice attractor package.

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