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Spotted Fin Frank Warwick Pop Ups

Spotted Fin Frank Warwick Pop Ups

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Classic all-year-round carp catchers designed and used by renowned worldwide carp ace Frank Warwick and based on over 40 years of carp fishing experience and success.
Whether used as a pop-up fished over the top of free offerings, fished as a single hook bait or used to 'tip-off' a bottom bait for visual attraction or for a 'Snowman' rig, everyone's a winner.
All of the Pop-up varieties in the range are more than capable of attracting and catching carp without any additional attraction being added, adding the Booster Spray (product code 18038) however can sometimes be a bit of an edge and especially so when the pop-ups are being fished as a single hook bait presentation. Approx 60g tub.

This item has been discontinued by us and we have sold out of 12mm Classic Corn - Yellow, Fruit Zing - White and 12mm Miracle Berry - Fluoro Pink .

Caramel Cream
Cream baits have featured heavily over the decades of my carp fishing and have stood the test of time, they never fail to deliver. I have the utmost faith in this blend and would go as far as to say it is truly sensational. A true all year round performer you can rely on. Frank Warwick.
Classic Corn
Sweetcorn is probably one of the best carp baits, so I wanted to develop a top quality hook bait to continue the theme. During trials it became obvious that this stunning bait was going to be a bit special, used over food baits, particles or in isolation as a single hookbait it is ultra effective. Frank Warwick.
Fruit Zing
My own unique blend of heady citrus and cream flavours that create a beautiful aroma that gets the carp investigating the source. By its nature it is particularly potent on silty waters where normal baits are easily tainted and rendered ineffective, a true classic in every sense of the word. Frank Warwick.
Masala Spice
Carp love spices so this extraordinary blend was formulated to stimulate this appeal. Tried and tested over many years and countless sessions it has proven itself time and time again. Some of my biggest visitors to the bank fell for this hook bait, yet another all year round bait that can be devastating. Frank Warwick.
Miracle Berry
I have used and experimented with the legendary carp catching Buchu essential oil for over 20 years. This bait is made with the finest Blackcurrant flavour and is a veritable carp magnet. It will stimulate the carps olofactory system in a profound way. With added N-butyric and Betaine. Frank Warwick.

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