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Sticky Bloodworm Pop-Ups - 16mm

Sticky Bloodworm Pop-Ups - 16mm

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Designed to replicate the boilies, these mega-buoyant, needle-friendly Bloodworm Pop-ups will stay popped up for several days.
Ideal for the ultra-popular chod rigs and will keep a big hook up indefinitely. Approx 100g tub.

Shelf life. Super buoyant, tough and will stay popped-up for days.

Predominantly a fishmeal base-mix, using LT-94 alongside milk proteins, soluble fish proteins, crustacean extracts, blood plasma and some trusty Robin Red. The mix is then enhanced, by the inclusion of fast and slow releasing energy sources and assorted naturally sourced vitamins and mineral. All this combines to create a superb all season food bait that has a subtle complex smell and a rich red colour.

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