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Nutrabaits Limited Edition EA Flavour 100ml

Nutrabaits Limited Edition EA Flavour 100ml

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Nutrabaits offer a selection of predominantly glycerol-based, nature identical flavours that allow you to add a unique source of attraction to your bait without any fear of chemical after-taste. EA=Ethyl Alcohol base. 100ml bottle.

The most popular of all the Nutrafruits, Cranberry has undoubtedly become one of the carp world's best ever flavours.
An absolutely glorious smelling flavour that just screams carp!
The number one choice for many long time BFM users including Del Smith, Terry Lampard and their own Richard Skidmore, although in truth it can be combined with any base mix.

A wonderful smelling glycerol based cream flavour that has been a firm favourite of many Nutrabaits users for a great number of years. Use either on its own, in combination with a spicy essential oil, or at 3ml with the identical level of any Nutrafruits. Equally effective at any time of the year but especially so when the water temperature begins to plummet.

This is the second part of the Banana and Pineapple combination that has ruled the roost on so many of today’s big fish venues.
It has a superb smell and taste, both in the bottle and in the finished bait, and remains a firm favourite with many Nutrabaits users throughout Europe.
A smell that long term fieldtesting has proved to be effective throughout the year.

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