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Nash Titan Hide

Nash Titan Hide

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The Titan derivative that Kevin Nash is backing to relegate oval style umbrellas to carp history. Following the world beating success of the restyled Titan bivvy series, the Titan Hide takes the same principle of a quick erect rigid and lightweight frame, but tailored for maximum protection for overnighters and even day sessions.

Packing down to 44ins (112cm) and weighing just 4.6kg it's the short session shelter of the future. Curved front ribs protect against driving rain, with extended cut storm panels to allow kit to be kept dry even when used open fronted. So rigid and stable is the Titan Hide that unless in absolutely extreme weather or in head on winds, fitting storm poles is unnecessary - saving even more time when setting up and packing down.

For the rare occasions when additional support is required, the unique Fast Fit storm pole adaptors slide then lock over the front rib mouldings to support the canopy in seconds, without bivvy sticks needing to be screwed into position each time. For changing seasons an optional zip in mozzi mesh infill panel or full waterproof panel add flexibility with an additional second skin available for session comfort or winter conditions.

  • Super fast erect short session Titan.
  • Flat back for space efficiency with sleep systems.
  • 5000mm Hydrostatic head 420D PU coated nylon.
  • Supplied with Nash T pegs.
  • Dimensions: (h)132cm x (d) 180cm x (back width) 230cm. Packdown 44ins(112cm).
  • Weight:4.6kg.
  • Nash Titan Hide Mozzi Infill - Product code 18965.
  • Nash Titan Hide Waterproof Infill - Product code 18966.
  • Nash Titan Hide HD Groundsheet - Product code 18967.
  • Nash Titan Hide Overwrap - Product code 18968.
  • Nash Titan Hide Fast Fit Storm Pole Adaptor - Product code 19465.

"When I first took a Titan Hide out to test I was blown away, or rather to my surprise not blown away. It was a week session in Austria in early April and I'd been over a week or so before with my Titan T1. The weather had been a barmy 18 to 20 degrees – summer's here I thought? My beloved baby first Titan Hide sample had arrived in the meantime and I couldn't wait to get it out.

What I didn't know is that Austria was about to experience the worst weather of the year, and on the third day I woke to a snow blizzard and increasing winds. By that evening 50 mile per hour winds were hitting the Hide side on, the pegs through woodchip were barely an inch into firm ground and even more concerning this was a first prototype with no storm stick attachments. The wind was alarmingly strong and I laid there as violent gusts battered the drum tight skin of the Hide, each one panicking me more as my reflexes made me want to grab it to prevent it blowing away. But it didn't, it just sat there, anchored and unmoving.

Like I said, I was blown away, I've been designing shelters for over 35 years and I've never sat under a brolly style shelter that comes close to the Hide's rigidity and stability. Winds lift shelters but with the Hide the shape creates downforce as air passes over it, pushing it into the ground, much like the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 car help keep it pinned to the track at high speeds. After my Austrian experience unless I was fishing in a full on frontal wind, I can't imagine when I would ever even need storm sticks. I've been a brolly user all my life but not any more. Putting the Hide against a brolly it is infinitely stronger, more rigid, more stable, quicker to set up and put down and only weighs 4.6 kilos.

Mixed emotions here - I invented the Oval Brolly, Profile Brolly and the Groundhog, all three accepted as icons of their time. Now I think I've killed them all with the Titan Hide." Kevin Nash

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