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Not Specified, Hard Cover
An intriguing mix of boyhood memoirs, a guide to the Upper Medway, and a scientific journey through the conundrum of how fish think.
Be Back By Teatime grapples with the question that niggles all experienced Anglers: can fish really know what is going on when they approach our hook baits? By considering what triggers the 'Eat' and 'Flight' responses, as well as the nature of 'Feature Detection', BBBT leads us on a journey to better understand the fish decision making processes in relation to fishing situations - a work that is set to spark a new generation of angler-related fish research. In this extraordinary book, believed to be an angling first, the cues responsible for eliciting certain behaviours are presented, providing the Angler with valuable intelligence. Any Angler, but particularly the specialist should be interested in the findings, which is a must have for those familiar with the so-called pressured fish.

Tackle Box, Hard Cover


The First Book concerning Carp Fishing History of Kent....

Compiled by Chris Haswell - Edited & designed by Mike Starkey
Carp fishing in Kent goes back sixty-five years or more - if one includes the monasteries, monks and wildies, some hundreds of years.
The Kent River Board - as it was in the fifties, had the foresight to stock a number of Kent waters with carp from the UK and Italy. As far as the fish are concerned the rest is history. From the fifties a new type of angler started to emerge after the writings of Richard Walker appeared and his capture of an immense common from Redmire Pool.
The pioneers from Kent came to the fore soon after, because the fish were on their doorsteps and they found them.
So from the sixties up to the eighties, Kent was a hotbed of all things to do with carp. New methods, new tackle innovations and then came the boilie. No one can doubt that along with the hair rig it revolutionised carp fishing from the eighties onwards.


The most up-to-date guide to modern-day carp rigs and how to use them. Featuring favourite rigs from: Terry Hearn, Tim Paisley, Frank Warwick, Mark Pitchers, Terry Dempsey and others. This book contains everything you will ever need to know about rigs, and is aimed at every carp angler, regardless of age or experience. Carp fishing is a forever evolving thing, so you need the very latest information to stay one step ahead of the crowd.
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Not Specified, Hard Cover
A story of sunsets, steaks and silly underpants
Spug's back again, 'oh' dear we here you cry, not more stupidity! The theme continues from CARPING MAD! Only this time there's a lot more fish, in fact there's over 50 English thirties and 2 fourties contained within the pages of this book. Carping mad 3 doesn't just have the stories from Spug's fishing life, but it also includes his his ongoing dating disasters, his everyday mishaps and of course his love of all things heavy metal and especially Iron Maiden.

It's all there in there, and written in such a way, that hopefully it will bring a smile to your face. The age certificate rating of 17, should give you some idea of what's coming up, but there's nothing that bad really, or is there? We'll let you decide, as the next crazy chapters of Spug's life are about to unfold!


Flex Coat, Soft Cover
A fully illustrated guide to building your own fishing rod. The most useful 'How To' Book on rod building and finishing. Great for both beginners and experienced rod builders.

Not Specified, Soft Cover
Ten years has passed since Matt and Rambo's last adventure. Older, but not neccessarily any wiser, the pair suddenly begin to feel the force of change lean heavily upon them. Firstly, Pup drops a bombshell and then, on Matt's very next session, Luke - the Christian carper - makes an equally personal decision in a desperate attempt to catch a carp. As these events unravel and involve them further, Matt and Rambo have no option other than to try and discover the truth about the mysterious new player captivating the world of carp fishing - The Black Mirror Cult.

Welcome to Volume 5 of the eagerly awaited Fox Carp Fishing Edges FREE DVD.
Following on from Volume 4, Fox are delighted to bring you their new offering Volume 5 that is once again jam packed with top quality tips, tactics and tackle from a selection of their top consultants.
Presented by Ian'Chilly' Chillcott.
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