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Book - Be Back By Teatime

Book - Be Back By Teatime

An intriguing mix of boyhood memoirs, a guide to the Upper Medway, and a scientific journey through the conundrum of how fish think.
Be Back By Teatime grapples with the question that niggles all experienced Anglers: can fish really know what is going on when they approach our hook baits? By considering what triggers the 'Eat' and 'Flight' responses, as well as the nature of 'Feature Detection', BBBT leads us on a journey to better understand the fish decision making processes in relation to fishing situations - a work that is set to spark a new generation of angler-related fish research. In this extraordinary book, believed to be an angling first, the cues responsible for eliciting certain behaviours are presented, providing the Angler with valuable intelligence. Any Angler, but particularly the specialist should be interested in the findings, which is a must have for those familiar with the so-called pressured fish.

The Art of the pursuit is not left behind. In 'Last of the Proper Boyhoods', the ideals of Crabtree are evident. At a time when technology was not as prevalent as it is today, life as young boy was typified by home-made go-carts, bows-and-arrows, conkers, scrumping and of course fishing - stealth was everything. Today, that skill still continues to reign, however, combined with modern practices, BBBT delivers a comprehensive and stimulating read that incorporates all of that instinctual know-how, but with a deeper insight into how fish operate. Rigs are considered, as well as three new techniques, 'Rodding', 'Seeking' and the 'Pendulum', all designed to facilitate the capture of fish through the use of rod and line.
Hardback - 111 pages.

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