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Made from a tough durable plastic and have a short shock absorber to prevent crack offs during casting.
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Ideal for soft or semi-dry ground­bait mixes, dampened pellets, expander pellets, cubed meat, liquidised bread, crushed hemp and even chopped worm if you get the consistency right!
They are equally useful on rivers and still­waters and can be fished either on a running line, within a fixed loop or locked with Grippa Stops.
Moulded in a tough, durable, nylon polymer with an unobtrusive camo brown tint. They are attached by a swivel and flexible power gum boom, which has just enough stretch to cushion the cast and is virtually tangle free.
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Dark Bronze woven 7 strand stainless pike wire. Extra tough, ultra reliable. 15 metres.

The body of these feeders has an ultra low profile with a camouflaged lead integrated into it which ensures it hugs the bottom and does not move even in strong currents.
The skirt of lead and streamlined shape of the bottom end of the feeder results in the strong flexible boom facing downstream and provides an excellent anti tangle presentation.

Sturdy frame, power grip handle, long life elastic and a multipouch that allows a wide range of different types of baits to be fed.
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Replacement elastics for the Drennan Boilie Pult (product code 01781). Pack of 2.

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These translucent and unobtrusive controllers can be cast incredible distances with pin-point accuracy and are perfect for catching carp of the surface.

Produced in heavy gauge super high carbon wire, exceptionally strong. Supplied in a box with a magnifying panel in the lid to enable you to examine the hook points and knots in detail. Pack of 10.

An ultra fine monofilament that is many top anglers' favourite hooklink material for surface fishing or zig rig presentations. Low Visibility Brown. 50m spool.

Brown tint. 1 strip per pack. Small or Large. Pack of 100.

Pikebobs are a traditional pike float that can be fished slider style or fixed between two float stops, ideal for small baits such as sprats, bleak, gudgeon and even right down to minnows when fishing for species such as perch or zander.

Drennan Piker floats are one of the most versatile predator floats on the market. They are the perfect river float, it can be fished slider style using a simple stop knot or it can be fixed between two float stops at the top and bottom. On stillwaters, it can also be fished waggler style with float stops and link swivel.