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Hooklink Materials

Developed by the Korda team to create advanced combi style rigs. Woven aerospace Dyneema inner with a revolutionary coating material that is matt and easy to strip. Suitable for figure-of-8 loop knots. Gravel Brown, Silt or Weedy Green. 20 metre spool.

For perfect chod, stiff hinge and combi rigs. Easy to tie and shape. Carpy Green Tint. 20m spool.

Supernatural is an ultra-soft sinking braid. Tests have proved it worthy of inclusion in the range and Supernatural will no doubt be another very useful deception aid. Available in Gravel Brown or Weedy Green. 20m spool.

The 'intelligent' hooklink material. Good performance and near invisible in water. Replaces IQ Xtra Soft and is tougher and more abrasion resistant. Clear. 20m spool.

The second addition to the N-Trap range is slightly stiffer than the N-Trap Soft that has been so popular since its release. The stiffer coating that Semi Stiff boasts is still easily strippable, making it easier than ever to produce top-notch bottom-bait and pop-up presentations. Gravel Brown, Silt or Weedy Green. 20 metre spool.

A superb multi-purpose hooklink material with a removable outer coating over a braid inner. Ideal for clean, hard bottoms or those with sparse weed. Gravel Brown or Weedy Green. 20m spool.

An innovative hooklink material incorporating a Dyneema outer with a fluorocarbon inner that can be stripped out to give a fast sinking combi-rig presentation. Black or Camo. 20m spool.

Possibly the stiffest hooklink material available. Ideal for stiff and hinge rigs. ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament can be easily tensioned and smoothed out to form an exceptionally straight and rigid hooklink. Clear. 20m spool.

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Produced using a unique multi-coating and curing process resulting in a super tough exterior that virtually eliminates tangles and help it withstand damage from tough weed, snags and gravel bars. Olive Green. 20m spool.

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The 'intelligent' hooklink material. Good performance and near invisible in water. Clear. 20m spool.

Dedicated line for zig and surface fishing. Low visibility clear. 100m spool.

Non-reflective matt black, and woven from ultra-fine strands of Dyneema. This unique hoolink is low diameter, yet extremely strong and abrasion resistant. 20 metre spool.

This item has been discontinued by the supplier and we have sold out of 15lb and 25lb.

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