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Gardner Zig Rig Session Pack

Gardner Zig Rig Session Pack

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Pack includes a 20 metre spool of Gardner's specifically designed Zig Link hook link material and two pieces of each (red, yellow, white and black) Zig Rig Foam and a pack of size 12 barbed Mugga hooks.

To create an effective zig rig it couldn’t be simpler:
Tie a small loop on the end of the Zig Link hooklink (this will be the 'hair' for your bait attachment). Zig Rigs work better when the hook and bait are touching so make sure the hair is as short as possible.
Thread a small 1cm section of Zig Rig Foam onto the hair and use a small stop to keep it in place.
Cut the hooklink to the desired length, and tie on the Size 12 Mugga hook using a simple Knotless knot.
Tie onto the swivel using a Palomar knot.

Top Tip - If the fish are high in the water, adjust the length of the hooklink so that your hook bait is just a few inches under the surface. If you use a slightly different length zig rig on each rod, when you start getting bites at one depth change the other hooklinks to match so you are fishing as effectively as possible.

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