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Made from bamboo fabric that is smooth and luxuriously comfortable. Moisture wicking. Naturally breathable. Anti-static and anti-bacterial. Stays fresh for longer.

This item has been discontinued by the supplier and we have limited stock left.

Big enough to hold tall boots or most chest/thigh waders.
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Not quite as warm as Skee-Tex Thermal Boots (product code 03476) but designed as a winter boot that allows easier walking. Rubberised waterproof foot section. Comfortable suede calf section (not waterproof). Will keep your feet warm down to freezing point.


Lightweight. Ideal for bank wear or slipping into quickly when getting out of the sleeping bag in the event of a bite.

The first ever Tackle Box Seal of Approval was given to Skee-Tex Thermal Boots for over 25 years of outstanding performance. Through fashion changes, technical advancements and increasing competition, Skee-Tex Thermal Boots have remained one of our all time best-selling products and more importantly, to our knowledge, have never let even one customer down. Well done Skee-Tex!

Super lightweight, warm and comfortable. Protects against low temperatures, waterproof with a removable sock.

The Skee-Tex Xtream boots are made incorporating a Vibram sole. Vitali Bramani first came up with the alternative idea of lugged, rubber boot soles after losing 6 friends on a mountain climb partly blamed on their dubious footwear. Vitali's idea was to create boot soles that were durable, abrasion-resistant, functional and safe to use on a variety of surfaces, from hard-packed snow and forest floors to bare rock and loose scree slopes. As years passed, more varieties of Vibram soles were developed, some with the main focus on superior traction and others with an emphasis on longevity and durability. So in the Xstream boot you have the legendary boot design of Skee-Tex fitted with possibly the best sole for rough ground.


New lower price! Was £6.99. Now £4.95!

Good quality and amazing value thermal socks that are designed to be worn in boots. 20ins long. One size. Colour may vary.
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