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Carp Spirit Razorpoint Medium Curve Shank Hooks (MCS) - Micro Barbed

Carp Spirit Razorpoint Medium Curve Shank Hooks (MCS) - Micro Barbed

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This pattern has been created by combining short and long shank curved hooks resulting in a very effective hook. Featuring a slightly downturned eye, this hook turns the instant you tighten the hooklink ensuring that it hooks up straight away. Suitable for a wide variety of rigs, it will also prove very popular for use with the 360 rig. Finished in grey PTFE. Extremely long razor sharp needle points. Durapoint technology for no deterioration in sharpness. Micro Barbed. Box of 10.

This item has been discontinued by the supplier and we have limited stock left.

The Razor Point range of hooks are made from the highest quality Japanese Carbon Steel 80. Finished in grey PTFE all designs feature extremely long razor sharp needle points incorporating the 'Durapoint' technology which significantly increases the point durability ensuring that hooks can be used for multiple captures without seeing any deterioration in their sharpness compared to some other hook alternatives.
With special attention being paid to ensure that all the eyes are closed completely to ensure no edges are exposed which can damage your hooklink. Incorporating special 'Micro-Barbs' which minimise any potential damage entry and then ensure the hooks don't slip during the fight. Each pattern is forged to create maxiumum stength.

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