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CC Moore Feedstim XP Powder 250g

CC Moore Feedstim XP Powder 250g

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Feedstim XP Powder is a blend of hydrolysed vegetable proteins and naturally occurring yeasts that combine to create an intense food signal that fish find difficult to resist. It's salty taste and water-soluble profile make it a powerful appetite stimulant and feed inducing powder that can be used in any bait or bait type to improve their powers of attraction. It has a natural, yeasty aroma that means it will not overpower other labels/flavours present, making it suitable for use with all types of baits.
Whether you're using pellets, particles, boilies, method/stick mixes etc, Feedstim XP Powder can dramatically increase the fish-pulling characteristics of your bait.
The recommend dosage of Feedstim XP Powder is 10-20g per kg in base mixes and 30-40g/kg in hook baits although, being a natural product, up to 50g/kg can be used. 250g tub.

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