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Essential Products Corker Pop-Ups 16mm

Essential Products Corker Pop-Ups 16mm

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These exciting pop-ups are made up from the paste extracted from the boilie production stages, therefore, identically matching the Essential range of frozen ready-mades. However, they also include cork dust granules to create very buoyant, yet extremely tough pop-ups. Their long-term buoyancy makes them ideal for use with all the most advanced pop-up rigs.

Approx 50 per tub.

These Corker pop-ups can be trimmed with braid scissors to balance your rig to the perfect buoyancy required over silt or weed.

Black Snail
Contain 100% pure aquatic snail powder! They have a lovely aroma of fresh snail meat and Caviar! When popped up from the lake bed they look just like the black water snails that carp go absolutely potty for!

Salami Cream
These Pop-Ups include the awesome 'Salami attractor package' - a unique blend of spicy essential oils and oleroseins.

Shellfish B5
Made with exactly the same ingredients as the Shellfish B5 boilies and include Shellfish Plum, Red Salmon Oil, Fruit Factor 6 and GLM extract.

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