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FishSpy Echo Pro Camera

FishSpy Echo Pro Camera

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For the first time ever sonar depth sounder and underwater camera combine; the awesome new Echo Pro is the complete Wi-Fi fish and feature finder.
Why settle for just sonar technology when you can have the power of both - Sonar and live video - Echo Pro does everything other portable sonar devices do, but with the added advantage of live video streaming direct to your mobile device.
Uncover the secrets of the places you fish, discover underwater structures; reveal the composition of lakebeds, riverbeds and ocean floors, reveal the depths and learn the temperature of you waters. Echo Pro uses powerful sonar and crystal clear video to locate features and fish.
Packed with features including lake mapping, file storage and amazing high quality live video streaming and recording, helping you share the secrets of your favourite venues.

Purpose made to be stored in your tackle box, Echo Pro is compact enough to be carried in your pocket.
Wherever you fish, bank, boat or shore, Echo Pro's combined power of sonar and video guarantee you miss nothing.

  • Stream Live Footage - Echo Pro generates if owns Wi-Fi signal and transmits it to your portable Wi-Fi enabled device, so there is no need to worry about having an internet connection or phone signal on the lake.
  • Watch Live Footage - The camera records and then transmits live footage at ranges of up to 100m, enabling you to find features, check the presentation of your bait and see the fish interact with your bait.
  • Multi-Purpose - Use in any fishing situation from boat, Kayak, float tube bank and in the sea.
  • Intelligent Sonar - Shows detail of structure found with Echo Pro, from lake bed to weeds. Even locates fish.
  • Record Your Footage - Even In Murky Water - The specially designed low light camera records and transmits clear pictures in murky or coloured water, so you will always be able to find the perfect spot.
  • Share Your Action - Echo Pro features an action tag, so you can mark those fishy encounters and those all important hotspots to enable you to locate the best clips later for easy and convenient playback. All that's left to do then is share the action online, including the ones that got away.
  • Lake Mapping - Identify exactly where you are on the map and check the underwater terrain to pin point hot spots.
  • Archive. Archive feature allows you to save unlimited data for future trips and offline map analysis.
  • Battery Life - 3 hours.
  • Record Time - 5 hours.
  • Android Range - up to 100+ metres.
  • Battery Recharging Time - 3 hours.
  • Picture Resolution - 640 x 480.
  • Weight - 110g.
  • Dimensions - 70mm.
  • Depth Range - 30 metres.

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