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Atropa Spot Fen-X Remote Controlled Luminous Marker with Red LED

Atropa Spot Fen-X Remote Controlled Luminous Marker with Red LED

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The SPOT-FEN-X is a luminous marker whose lighting and cut-off of the LED at night are remotely triggered thanks to the beam of a purple/blue Laser pointer. This patented high-tec luminous marker offers a "three in one" mode of function. Day/Light mode. Lighting or cut-off of the embedded LED triggered by the laser beam. Periodical flashing mode once LED triggered by the Laser.

The distance of the marker triggering is a function controlled by the luminous intensity of the laser. The marker has been tested up to 80m with a (5mw - class 3R) 405nm purple laser pointer. A brighter laser pointer allows bigger distances of triggering, but as this kind of marker is only put onto the water with the help of a boat, so a distance of 40m/50m is enough to control it most of the time.

The SPOT-FEN-X can be directly fitted onto an ATROTUBE or used as a floating marker with the special kit (product code 20935). It offers a low cost high-tech solution for luminous marking by remote control.

Features a low-battery detection mode. Once the marker is turned-off using the Laser pointer, it doesn't react to other kinds of lightings (thunder flashes, moonlight on water, daylight etc) and remains off.

    Technical Specifications
  • 360 degree horizontal illumination with a red LED.
  • Remote lighting/cut-off triggered with the help of a purple/blue Laser pointer.
  • Visible on water up to 250m.
  • Up to 40 days of autonomy according to the lighting duration of the LED.
  • Powered by only 1 LR03 alkaline/rechargeable battery.
  • Fully waterproof with an O ring and with the screw mechanism system.
  • Weight with the battery 60g.
  • Dimensions 145mm x 20mm.
  • Operating Temperatures -10 degree C/+60 degree C.
  • Guarantee of 2 years in normal conditions of use.
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