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Jochym Marine Fishmaster 220 Inflatable Catamaran - Black Camo

Jochym Marine Fishmaster 220 Inflatable Catamaran - Black Camo


Please note this product is only valid for delivery to Mainland UK.

The 220 is the most portable of the range and is very manoeuvrable for a single angler, but is rated for 2 persons. There are 3 different floor options of Aluminium, Plywood or Air Deck and 2 colour options, Carbon Green or Black Camo.

Thanks to the catamaran design, the Fishmaster's are extremely stable on water providing increased safety and stability, even in unfavourable weather conditions. The inside space is larger compared to traditional inflatable boats of the same length, the reduced friction of the catamaran design on the water provides increased speed and manoeuvrability reducing battery/electric or fuel consumption.
Supplied with oars, row locks, foot pump and a carry bag.

SHIPPING: All Fishmaster boats exceed 30Kg and therefore the free shipping offer does not apply. If you are happy with this please place your order and we will contact you for the additional payment required (approximately £80.00 for Mainland UK only), alternatively please feel free to contact us to confirm postage costs before processing your order.
We are sorry but this item is not available to order on 0% Finance.

  • Length: 220cm.
  • Width: 165cm.
  • Inside length: 170cm.
  • Inside width: 75cm.
  • Packing size: 147cm x 69cm x 29cm.
  • Max outboard: 2.5hp.
  • Max load: 350kg.
  • Max person: 2.
  • Tubes diameter: 45cm.
  • Material: 1100 dex.
  • Material thickness: 1mm.
  • Air chambers: 2.
  • Seat: Movable aluminium seat.
  • Accessories: Foot pump, repair kit and carry bag.
  • Warranty: 5 years on fabric and seams.
  • Weight with Plywood floor: 41kg.
  • Weight with Aluminium floor: 43kg.
  • Weight with Air Deck floor: 34kg.

Pros & Cons of the floor options:
Aluminium or plywood gives a hard floor providing high stability/rigidity and are considered the better floor for fishing.

Hard Floor Pros: Hard Floor Cons:
Durable Longer time to assemble
Stable Usually less expensive than an air deck, but notice Jochym have priced boats the same no matter what floor it is supplied with. This maybe a short term option
Versatile More difficult to carry and store

Inflatable floor or 'air decks' reduces weight, they offer a harder floor than you would expect, but be aware that varying temperatures of night and day will affect the pressure and therefore stability. Being lighter the boat will be more affected by the wind. This floor is best used when the boat is needed to be carried distances and probably most useful in the 220 size.

Air Deck Pros: Air Deck Cons:
Additional buoyancy Reduced weight means less stability and is more affected by wind
Saves weight and storage space Usually more expensive, but notice Jochym have priced boats the same no matter what floor it is supplied with. This maybe a short term option
More portable Can be punctured.
Easier and faster to assemble than a hard floor Can't mount anything on to it, like you can on one of the hard floor options
Comfortable for sitting or kneeling on

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