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Book - Sling Yer Hook - Clive Williams

Book - Sling Yer Hook - Clive Williams


It's fair to say that Clive is 'old school' and the new generation of carp anglers may be unaware of his carp-fishing history as an achiever, innovator and catcher of carp on both sides of the Channel. Clive's Sling Yer Hook book takes in his early days, followed by his 'graduation' to his successes at Longfield, Savay, Johnsons and numerous other home waters. His overseas successes have included fish from the 'Meccas' Cassien and Rainbow.

He will be familiar to many anglers who fished the Les Quis complex from the outset, during the period when Clive was acting as bailiff and chief cook and bottle washer (and emptier), and as the book reveals, his big fish list of Les Quis monsters is second to none.

Clive makes his living as a tackle and bait agent, and his interest in baits and tackle has, over the years, led him to running his own bait company, and making a number of tackle innovations, including the universally acclaimed Korda Krusha, cork balls and magnet bite indicators. His successful Longfield days resulted in him having success with the-then-little-known bent hook rig, which became widely-used once the secret was out.

Clive has kept a diary over the years, and this heavily illustrated book is based on that diary. It reflects the people, carp and carp waters Clive has fished and rubbed shoulders with over the fifty-year period Clive has been successful in the pursuit of his beloved carp.
Book edited by Tim Paisley. Jacket design by Mike Starkey. 432 pages.

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