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Korda Dry-Kore Over Trousers

Korda Dry-Kore Over Trousers

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DRYKORE waterproof over trousers are breathable, have a lightweight outer shell constructed from industry leading 15K fabric and are so light you will hardly notice that you even have them on. Olive Green.

For the Korda Dry-Kore Jacket see product code 22219.

WATERPROOF DRYKORE Over Trousers ensure that you stay dry whatever the weather. You can now protect the rest of your body from the elements as well thanks to the new DRYKORE Over Trousers. Not only will they keep the bottom half of you totally dry, but these trousers have been designed specifically for fishing and are full of features to ensure that they don't hinder your ability to carry on with whatever you are doing. The DRYKORE Over Trousers are made from a breathable, lightweight olive coloured shell, incorporating an industry leading 15k hydrophilic membrane, which is taped and sealed at the seams to ensure that it remains completely waterproof. The use of this lightweight yet tough and durable material means that you will hardly even notice that you are wearing them, and the fabric is breathable to help ensure that you do not sweat whilst you have them on. The material also features mechanical stretch which gives an active fit design, such that the DRYKORE Over Trousers fit well to the shape of your lower body, whilst also allowing complete freedom of movement, and without being excessively baggy.

WATERPROOF The DRYKORE Over Trousers keep you completely dry and will not hinder your activity whilst fishing. The 15K hydrophilic membrane, which is taped and sealed at the seams, ensures that it is completely waterproof, even if you happen to get caught out in torrential rain or a snowstorm.

WINDPROOF Whilst designed to be worn over the top of your existing fishing trousers, these also play a big part of keeping you warm as they are impenetrable to wind, even the strongest gale won't get through them.

STRETCH FIT As well as being water and wind proof, the high tech woven material that we have used provides an exceptional stretch fit, meaning that whilst the DRYKORE Over Trousers have been designed to stop rain or wind finding a way in, they also allow you complete freedom of movement and won't restrict your movement when it comes to fishing.

The DRYKORE Over Trousers are packed full of useful and well thought out features, such as waterproof zips on each side which extend all the way down to the knee and allow for easy access to the pockets in whichever trousers you are wearing underneath. This eliminates the frustration of getting all your waterproofs on and then struggling to access your car keys or mobile phone which are in your trouser pockets underneath.

These trousers feature adjustable Velcro tabs on the leg openings, so they are easy to put on quickly but can then be fastened securely around whatever waterproof footwear you are wearing, whether that be a pair of walking style boots or wider diameter moon boots – but still allow quick and easy access. To reduce bulkiness around the waist, the combination of a quick release belt with an elasticated waistband, which keep the DRYKORE Over Trousers securely in place and prevents them from falling down yet allows you to take them off quickly and easily when you want to.

Additionally, these trousers also have microfibre knee patches, which not only increase the durability in an area which is prone to wear, but also improve comfort when you are kneeling down on the ground.

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