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Just bend the tube in several places and shake to even out the luminous chemicals inside, then insert into the float, quiver tip or attach with the piece of silicone tubing provided.

Silicone float attachments allow quick and easy changing of floats by simply pushing the float inside the silicone.
Drennan recommend leaving a gap of around 6mm between the locking shot, rubber beads or grippa stops to allow the float to fold cleanly on the strike. Pack of 5.
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Swivel float attachments are an excellent quick-change adapter for wagglers and any floats attached bottom-end only.
They allow the float to fold over completely on the strike and the swivel mechanism ensures that they are virtually tangle free. Pack of 4.

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Suitable for use with Isotopes and other chemical nightlites, dia 3.0-4.5mm. They incorporate a soft rubber core that insures a secure grip on a wide range of tip diameters. They are re-usable and can be fitted and removed in seconds.
AVON/BARBEL - Contains 2 Large Adaptors suitable for use with rod tip dia 2.0-2.6mm. This includes Avon style rods and barbel rods of 1 3/4lbs-2lb test curve.

QUIVER TIP - Contains 1 Small Adaptor for fine/medium tips, and 1 Adaptor for thicker tips and rod tips upto dia 2.0mm.

CARP ROD TIP - Contains 2 Large Adaptors suitable for use with a wide range of rod tip diameters up to 3.4mm.

These Foam Pellet Wagglers from Guru are made from high-density 10mm diameter Foam. They are ideal for fishing very shallow as the floats dive very little on entering the water, ensuring they cause minimum disturbance ideal for wary, pressured fish. The ideal float when looking to 'mug' cruising fish. All floats are finished in a Surface Camo to aid camouflage when fishing very close to the surface. The base cap protects the delicate base of the float, a common weak area on other floats. The flighted cap allows for stable, accurate casting (colour may vary). Pack of 2.


Easy to use push on weights designed to fully shot an unloaded float, simply insert the waggler base peg into the soft sleeve for secure fitting. Shaped for accurate casting. Pack of 2.


Mixed sizes and colours.

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We're sorry - this item is temporarily unavailable in 3g. We expect delivery in December.

An alloy stemmed stick float designed for trotting closer to the rod top in waters where the 'Bolognese Float' would be too heavy. The magnesium alloy stem gives the float good stability.
At home in the hands of anglers of all abilities.
Made from top quality balsa these floats are finished in matt black with a red tip.

The well-crafted shoulder on this alloy stemmed stick float allows for perfect bait presentation while the magnesium alloy stem helps the angler achieve perfect balance. The heavier sizes are well suited to faster rivers such as the Avon or Severn with the smaller to mid-sized models being the top choice for slower moving, shallower waters.

A real favourite bodied trotter for fishing fast waters. This balsa float carries plenty of weight to help control the run through the swim. The buoyant body of this design helps to stop the float dipping as it runs through the swim. Best results are achieved when fished 'double rubber' style.


This is a tried and tested favourite and a real winner of a float and when using chunky baits in fast flowing waters. The well crafted shoulder help make the float highly controllable while the buoyancy in the tip will stop the float from dipping as it runs through the swim. Its an essential float for Chub and Barbel.

This popular Crystal insert waggler float is a superb all-rounder. The tough float is at home in lakes and rivers or even canals Made from a 5mm internal diameter tube this range is available in popular BB sizes and features a slim insert style tip which is ideal for registering shy bites