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Premier Clear Insert Float

Premier Clear Insert Float


This popular Crystal insert waggler float is a superb all-rounder. The tough float is at home in lakes and rivers or even canals Made from a 5mm internal diameter tube this range is available in popular BB sizes and features a slim insert style tip which is ideal for registering shy bites

Waggler fishing has its roots firmly embedded in the history of angling, but it is probably still the most popular form of fishing today. Whether young or old, tiddler snatcher or specimen angler, the waggler always has a place in your tackle box. The waggler is a bottom end only float, meaning that most of the shot is placed around the base of the float and is best fished at depths between 3ft and 10ft. It can be used in both rivers and stillwaters with devastating effect, in fact the versatility of this float is such that it would take years to cover all the varying situations it can be used in. Wagglers are constructed from a variety of materials, also in varying lengths and shot carrying capacity. The choice is yours, basically they all do the same job. The float is extremely versatile in that it can be fished 'up in the water', 'on the drop' or hard on the bottom, also close in or at distance. On slow moving rivers where there is not excessive weed, fishing over depth will slow the bait down, which often produces a better class of fish, it can be used with almost any bait you can think of.

Most species of fish like rudd, roach, chubb, ide, carp and even tench will quite readily take a bait that is dropping through the water. Feeding is probably the most important aspect in obtaining a good bag of fish, feeding little and often and accurately is the key, it keeps the fish in the swim and hunting for your bait. Chucking in great handfuls and leaving for an hour or so is really bad practice. Loose feeding by hand or catapult is fine, providing that you can reach the target area with ease, if using ground bait ensure it is mixed to a constituency that breaks up on or soon after impact, both will fall slowly and enticingly, attracting the fish. Fishing the insert waggler is easier in calm or with the wind coming from behind, more often than not there will be some wind, which may cause tow, in these conditions you may need to reduce the shot and fish a few inches over depth. If the flow is to strong and the tip keeps dipping under, then change to a straight waggler which has more buoyancy in the tip.

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