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Specialist Fishing Tackle // Retail & Mail Order

TEL 01322 292400

EST. 1983


Great tackle shop for all your needs.
Nice ppl working there very helpfull will recommend this place its great for all sorts of fishing
I've been using this store for several month's now, always greeted politely, staff are always happy to help. Excellent service and its a pleasure to leave a deserving review. Thank you.
Excellent service

Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent service. I have just received two rods that were delivered within two days.

I would recommend your services to everyone.

Kind Regards

Paul Carpenter
Had what l was after, service of high quality.Will visit again when l need more tackle
Great shop, always helpful and always got decent equipment. Top rod builder's too.
I go to tackle box on a regular basis mainly for rod building bits .Very good service and knowledgeable can’t fault.
Great place, very helpful staff! Great variety of tackle too!!
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my Darent Valley LSG 11ft rods. Grabbed a set a few weeks ago after a few years of sitting on the fence. A very unique rod perfect for heaver float fishing with lobworms or light ledgering prawns etc. Thanks for the great service and I am pleased to say I landed my PB perch on them first session going 3.9 cheers guys
I have now had the chance use my Chimera no4’s (received in December) on multiple sessions leading up to the end of the river season and wanted to give you a little additional feedback.

I am delighted with the rods and all aspects of the build have worked out exactly as I had hoped; plus the quality is excellent!

In terms of performance, they are magnificent, especially in their ability to handle big leads and feeders on rivers like the Trent. As a measure – with a good firm cast I could put both 5oz and 8oz feeders beyond 64 yards with some in reserve.

For fish playing they are more powerful than any other 2.75lb TC rods I have used. Whist this is probably a positive it has necessitated some acclimatisation for me.

I have now caught a total of 57 barbel on them (15 in double figures) so have had time to gel with the rods. Initially I did suffer a few hook pulls, which although unusual for me, does happen from time to time. Subsequently, I have not suffered hook pulls. My last 26 fish have been landed without a single hook pull (using size 10 hooks).
So I don’t think the Chimera no4 has an issue in this respect but it might be fair to say that some anglers like me might need a bit of time to adjust to the additional power compared to what they had been using (in my case Fox Duolite 2.75lb 12’).

Thanks again for your help, service and workmanship!

Very best wishes.
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