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Soaking NXT D-Cam: Don’t do it!

Nash NXT D-Cam

The following is the content of an email received from Kevin Nash on 14th June 2012:

I have received feedback from concerned anglers who have immersed their spools of NXT D-Cam in water for a considerable time before spooling, only to discover that the spool had distorted and/or collapsed. Life is full of surprises, and this issue is a case in point. After more than 20 years of supplying fishing lines I have never come across the problem before ...and was mystified.

I think I was the first one to write an article on spooling your reels by placing your line in a bucket of water. God, how time flies; that was in the early 90’s in Carpworld if I recall. The reason I spool my reels by this method is to avoid line twist (you make sure that the spool is sitting in the water so that the line comes off the spool like a revolving drum) and ensure the reel spool is correctly filled to its maximum point. Maybe you have been there in the past when you have spooled up and after a few casts you note that your reel spool is not filled to the lip any more as the line has bedded in; costing you valuable yards on the cast! With this method you can grip the line between your fingers above the reel as you wind the line on and because the surface of the line is wet you do not get a friction build up which might burn your fingers or damage the line. This means you can apply the correct amount of tension to fill your spool to the brim and without the line further bedding in.

So it was with great surprise that I heard anglers were spooling up in the way I have recommended, but were soaking their monofilament in water for up to 24 hours prior to transferring to their reel. Please understand that if you soak a monofilament mainline for a considerable time before spooling onto your reel it will absorb water and can expand by as much as 20%. When you transfer it to your fishing reel and it dries out it will then shrink, so it then might not be correctly filled at its maximum to the lip. Conversely, as monofilaments are wound on to their spools dry in the factory, but with surface lubricant only, should you then soak the line causing it to expand it will expand outwards as well as inwards, crushing the core of the spool.

I have no idea who is recommending soaking spools of monofilament in water for long periods before transferring to the reel. I can only guess that it is people who are using cheap, low quality, stiff lines with memory. Such lines will soften and become limper when water soaks into them, making them more user friendly and aiding casting. As NXT D-Cam is a monofilament of the highest quality it is not necessary and indeed as explained above, not appropriate practise, to soak your spool before transferring the line to your reel.

How to spool your reels with NXT D-Cam:

1) Fill a bucket with 6” of water

2) Punch your finger through the label on the bulk spool of NXT D-Cam mono and sit it in the bucket of water. It is important to make a hole in the label so that the water can flow through the centre of the spool. If you do not do this then the spool will continually flip with the label facing upwards. If this happens then the line is coming off the lip of the spool, rather than like a drum revolving as it sits in the water. The monofilament is spooled onto the revolving drum, and so you are simply reversing the process, avoiding all line twist which may occur if you spool up with the line being transferred over the lip of the bulk spool.

3) Grip the NXT D-Cam between your fingers, a short distance above the reel (which of course is attached to a rod butt!) and wind it onto your reel. Because the line is wet, you will not burn your fingers, so apply the correct amount of tension to properly fill your spool to the lip without the line later embedding – after for example casting or playing a carp.

4) You only need to place your spool of NXT D-Cam into the water moments before spooling up. Never immerse in water for any amount of time prior to spooling for the above mentioned reasons.

Good luck and enjoy your fishing.

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash Group PLC