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£59.99 £53.99
The Dura-stop quilted jacket boasts a multi-layer insulated inner with a showerproof Dura-Stop outer fabric which makes it the ideal garment for the cooler months. Although very warm, it is also breathable, ensuring that you do not cool down due to sweating.
The breathable properties of the jacket are vital to ensuring body temperature is kept at an optimal temperature during the cooler months. The fabric allows the moisture from your body to escape, keeping you dry and warm even in the coldest of conditions.
With an ultra-smooth inner lining, the jacket is extremely comfortable to wear. Boasting a modern fashionable design, the Dura-stop quilted jacket will not look out of place wore as a casual everyday garment as well as a functional fishing jacket.

This outstanding natural fish attractant is the liquid version of the extremely highly rated aqua feed and fish bait ingredient, Pre-Digested Fish Meal. Incredibly rich in essential amino acids and having a very high quality crude protein content, this pure soluble liquid is a truly phenomenal year-round liquid fish attractant. 500ml bottle.
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This addition to the Century range is predominantly designed for anglers using shorter rods. i.e. 6ft, 9ft & 10ft in length which are becoming more and more popular in modern day carp fishing.

Lightweight, quick and easy to set up the CQ Pod is perfectly suited to the mobile angler or the opportunist angler who wants to sneak a few hours in here and there, maybe down the local canal or pond on the way home from work.

The Pod has the distinct Century Stealth appearance with the subtle Century branding and is manufactured right here in the UK using 16mm diameter high-spec carbon tube and black anodised aluminium fittings.
It can be used with either the long upright or the short upright at the front depending on how you want your tips positioning on the day.

Century have chosen not to supply buzz bars with the CQ Pod as everyone has their own personal preference on sizes depending on how they like to fish and the rods and reels that they use. Letting the angler chose their own sizes/configurations ensues everyone get exactly what they want. Century manufacture several different width fixed double and adjustable doubles which compliment this CQ Pod design perfectly and even the Century narrow treble bars can be used if required.

Supplied in a padded protective carry case which comprises of a sleeve for the centre bar and a separate main bag that houses the rest of the components and has room for a set of buzz bars leaving alarms and butt rests fitted, a couple of extra legs should you so wish and a pocket for indicators.

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All the efficiency and good looks of the 3-Rod Snugs in a goalpost format for optimum stability. Constructed from solid anodised aluminium bar, the perfect compromise between weight and strength. On set-up, place your butt rings in front of your buzzers for the ultimate in snag fishing security. 4 size options.

Spread the load to give greater accuracy when weighing big fish. Length - 33.5ins.
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Embroidered 1993 Cygnet Tackle heritage patch. Classic green and black yarn. 100% Acrylic. One size.

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£160.00 £149.99
SAH Branded Extended Warranty, Daiwa

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Top of the range dedicated spodding reel featuring a 5.5:1 ratio and retrieval of 124cm per handle turn. Slow Cross Wrap, enhancing the line lay.


A 20g and 30g C-Slot weight for use with the Delkim NiteLite Indication Set.

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The NiteLite Indication Set comprises: the NiteLite v.2 Illuminating Hanger, SlimCarb Carbon Stabiliser and 'C-Slot' drag weights (3, 5 & 10g). An evolution of the NiteLite Pro and the SlimLite Indication Set, this version is slightly longer and heavier than the SlimLite Indication Set and gives you the ability to add more weight to cope with a greater range of conditions.The NiteLite v.2 is a complete Illuminating Hanger, line clip and bite alarm attachment all in one. Utilising Delkim's unique, patented, CatFlex™2 cable assembly, it hangs and performs just like a chain giving good tensile strength. The fine wires needed to connect to the bite alarm are neatly encased and protected in a flexible thin black stainless steel coil. With its 2.5mm jack plug it fits the Txi-D, as well as all of the previous Plus range alarms.

It replicates all the Delkim alarms' LED functions; flashing, latching, brightness adjustment and Night Marking, all WITHOUT ADDITIONAL BATTERIES. It also has a patented self-adjusting integral magnetic line clip which makes the old style adjustable types redundant.


A rubberised push-on cover for the Delkim Rx-D Digital Receiver (product code 20925).

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A rubberised push-on cover for the Delkim Txi-D Digital Bite Alarms. (product code 20924).

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11ft, Drennan
The Acolyte Carp Waggler 11ft is a two-piece waggler rod that is purpose designed for today's modern commercial fisheries.
A great choice for short to medium range work on commercial fisheries with wagglers and pellet wagglers up to around 10g.
A short 11ft rod is more convenient for repeatedly casting out shallow float setups. It also offers exceptional control when playing fish close in to speed up the netting process. A shorter setup can also be a big asset in tight swims.

The super-slim blank weighs just 4.5oz (128g) and is matched perfectly to reel lines from 4lb to 6lb+ (1.8kg to 3kg+). It has enough backbone to accurately punch out a waggler and is crisp enough to quickly pick up line on the strike. Crucially, it also has a progressive playing action that deals with quality fish and soaks up every lunge.
The two-piece construction means that it can be left made up in a Rod Sleeve and conveniently assembled or packed away in seconds.