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Gunki Peps Clear Water Kit 2 - 3.5ins/9cm

Gunki Peps Clear Water Kit 2 - 3.5ins/9cm

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Pumped up soft bait that moves even on its own! The light round tail starts vibrating at the slightest impulse. Great for slow or very slow retrieves (linear or vertical) where the angle of the tail creates an S shaped rolling swimming action that gets more pronounced the faster you retrieve the lure.
Try under loading the rig with a micro head, for example, to get even more vibration and flank flashing that many fish find irresistible.
Dorsal and stomach slits allow you to rig up a G TEX head to fish the lure right in the heart of snags and obstacles either on the bottom or through weedbeds. Caramel, Gremille, Dirty Chart and Ghost Fry. These colours work best in in brighter clear water conditions. Aniseed flavour. Pack of 4.

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