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Gunki Tipsy-S 38 - 1.5ins/3.8cm

Gunki Tipsy-S 38 - 1.5ins/3.8cm - Blue Ice

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This item has been discontinued by us and we have limited stock left.

Gunki Tipsy-S Lures are tiny with a shad type tail. These baits have a nervous wriggling action that is ideal for ultra-light styles on freshwater and snag fishing. The body shape is wider than it is long which helps give the bait stability particularly when fished drop shotting or on extra light jigheads.
The body is not totally solid but built like a skeleton with rings of material round a central spine which give the bait great freedom of movement either on still or straight back style retrieves. Perch and trout will find this lure easy to take. Pack of 15.

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