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Big Pit Free Spool Reels

£239.99 £199.99
SAH Branded Extended Warranty, Shimano, 1, 440g, 230yds of 16lb (210m of 0.40mm), 5.3:1

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The Ultegra Ci4+ XTC features all the technology you'd expect from Shimano reels, along with a host of improvements in key areas.

The use of CI4+ delivers a substantial weight saving on the compact Ultegra body making rod speed easier to generate when distance casting. To further increase casting performance the Ultegra uses 2 Speed Slow Oscillation line lay and an AR-C spool fitted with the Hi-Speed Drag mechanism. Cold Forged HAGANE gearing and X-Ship produce powerful winding performance and 5 Stainless A-RB bearings plus a Shimano Roller bearing deliver supreme smoothness. The reel is protected according to Shimano's latest innovation X-Protect which will guarantee to protect the reel's inner parts against intrusion from water and dirt. The G Free Body in combination with the Parallel Body will help the angler to achieve long and accurate cast without unnecessary fatigue throughout the day. The Shimano Ultegra CI4+ has a very compact body design which contributes to the feel of a compact and lightweight big pit reel.


£169.99 £149.99
SAH Branded Extended Warranty, Shimano, 1, 645g, 4.3:1

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The Ultegra 14000 XTD is more than a just paint job!
The sleek spool design and line guard sets this reel off from the competition and the full matt black cosmetics with fine silver accenting make it look like it should hold a price tag way above what it actually is, however it does not stop there and with the addition of many new and previously top end features that benefit the carp angler.
The incorporation of super slow speed oscillation 50 with Aerowrap II (50 lays of line per oscillation) is usually a feature associated with what is regarded as the best reel out there, the Aero Technium MgS (100 lays of line), this feature drastically slows the movement of line on the spool which reduces the tension pulling the lead back on the cast and ultimately gives an increased casting distance but with less effort, and less effort means better accuracy.
Parallel body is an adjustment of the angle the nose of reel points, with butt rings moving further away from the reel to aid distance Parallel body reduces line slap on the blank during the cast.
X-Ship is a feature that cannot be seen but offers a huge advantage in terms of winding power and durability offering confidence when fishing to snags or on heavily weedy waters when you need to instantly get the upper hand on a fish, when combined with the massive 103cm of retrieve per handle turn.
Supplied with an extra 14000 black spool with 4 line reducers (2 x 10000 and 2 x 3500) gives you the choice on capacity, whether boating at distance in Europe or using Fluorocarbon on small intimate UK waters.
All of these small improvements add up to one big advantage in terms of performance but in one of the most beautiful reels ever produced.

£149.99 £134.99
SAH Branded Extended Warranty, Shimano, 1, 490g, 5.3:1

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The Ultegra XT-D is developed with the carp angler in mind and this reel will immediatly catch the eye because of the improved matt black reel cosmetics.
The extra spool in combination with the 4 line reducers gives the opportunity to fish with different types of lines and respective line capacities according to the actual circumstances on the bank.
The multi-disc Instant Drag facility enables a freespool to power setting in just half a turn of the front lever, making it suitable to instantly fight the carp that is on the other end of the line. Packed with unique features like X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation 50, Aero Wrap II, and Instant Drag you can be confident to challenge the biggest and most sought after carp of all big lakes and rivers.
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This product is not available to order at present. It should be available by 30/10/2020

£139.99 £119.99
SAH Branded Extended Warranty, Shimano, 1, 630g, 5.2:1

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The Ultegra XTD SPOD is a big pit reel, specially designed for spodding / markerfloat fishing for carp. It's based on the successful Ultegra XTD 14000 carp reel and has similar features, except it has been adjusted to be perfect for spodding. These are the differences between normal Ultegra XTD and Ultegra SPOD XTD. - Shallow spool: for spodding less line capacity is needed. - Gear reatio: 5,2:1 instead of 4.3:1 : means more retrieving speed. - Retrieve speed: 124cm instead of 103cm per winch. - Line clips: 3 instead of 1. - Handleknob: Egg type instead of T-type for more grip.


Spare Spool for Daiwa Emblem BR 25A Reel (product code 19209).

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Spare Spool for Shimano Baitrunner XT 10000 RB Reel (product code 20966).

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Line capacity - (approx) = 440 yards of 16lb line.

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Line capacity - (approx) = 315 yards of 12lb line.

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A spare spool for the Shimano Power Aero 14000 XTB Reel (product code 18785).

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This product is not available to order at present. It should be available by 27/11/2020