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Century C2-D Carp Rod 13ft 3.75lb (Command Distance) - SiC Guides

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Performance wise Century have not held back. They have used modern HPR materials which has resulted in an overall 31% rod weight saving vs previous generation casting rods from Century such as the FMA 13ft. The rod is slimmer diameter in the butt section than the SP and has a standard overlap joint rather than reverse fit joint of the FMA. Some of that rod weight saving has come from the cosmetically stunning matt black aluminium finishing touches such as the Alps reel seat which they have laser engraved with C2-D graphics.

There is a much Enhanced Anti Twist Technology Tip compared to any other rod which you will quickly notice by feeling the lack of blank twist rotation especially in the upper tip section, this improves line flow and accuracy during long range casting. The HPR materials will once again provide a super sharp rod recovery to neutral which will help suit big leads and PVA bags. The use of Autoclave Technology during manufacturing will delay the softening process experienced on many other rods. This makes it a great choice for Carp Match anglers who will be using the rod for intense and continuous 24-48 hour matches and want the confidence that the blank is going to maintain its action and power over numerous years of tournaments despite casting out hundreds of heavy solid PVA bags.

Century have designed this rod with a softer and more compressible butt than the FMA but at the same time given it a more powerful tip. This gives the rod a more consistent whole rod loadup during the cast which makes the rod very suited to casting long ranges even when shock leaders are banned. Casting a 4oz lead using 0.35/15lb mono at 165 plus yards on larger venues is a scenario which can be achieved with this rod. That ability using mono does not stop the rods outright potential when shock leaders are allowed and 200 plus yards is well within the rods capability. These are long distances and less common scenarios for most anglers, Century are not saying that the rod is only suited for this long casting application but it's nice to know the rod has the built in capability to do it when required.

  • Rod weighs 481g.
  • Fully ground with a Lifelong blank finish.
  • 1K carbon weave from the butt section and up to the second ring with natural carbon to the tip.
  • Black on black cosmetics.
  • Bespoke branded ALPS Centre loc aluminium reel seat finished with minimalistic EVA turnings and black metal collars.
  • 5 inch flared rubber butt grip with logo etched in a black aluminium butt cap.
  • Handle Length 550.
  • SiC guides set sizes (mm): 50,40,30,25,20 to 16mm tip ring.
  • This rod can be customised to your requirements in our in store Rod Building Workshop - Please contact us for details.
  • Guideline - Masters HPR: 6-10.
  • Guidline Application Key
    This is not a strict rule, powerful rods can still be used closer in ranges and likewise less powerful rods if used with a boat might be used at long range.
    This number key will help as a guide to see how rods from one Century product range compare to another Century product range.

    1-2 Close In
    2-4 Medium range
    4-6 Intermediate Range
    7-10 Long Range
    Trekking Packs down into 3 equal sections to make easy transport
    Boat Ideal for use whithin a boat or playing fish under the tip
    Masters HPR Century highest grade carbon materials

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