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Clearance Deal - Korda Kaptor Choddy Hooks

Clearance Deal - Korda Kaptor Choddy Hooks - Size 10 - Barbless

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The Kaptor Wide Gape hook represents a genuine breakthrough in technology. Kaptors are not simply painted - they are the first ever camo PTFE hook and the first to use kap technology. Every hook has an uncoated tip making it finer and sharper than most hooks. 25 degree up-turned eye. Gravel Brown or Weed Green. Box of 10.

This item has been discontinued by the supplier and we have limited stock left.

Korda say ...

Chod-rig fans rejoice, because you can now have the finest chod-rig hook ever made, in two subtle camou colours. That's right, our popular Choddy hook is now part of the groundbreaking Kaptor range. We knew that it was only a matter of time before public demand for a Kaptor Choddy reached such a height that we'd have to respond and put them into production, and here they are.

So why camou a hook? Well, ever since Danny Fairbrass founded the Safezone principle, our subtle camou end tackle has been catching more carp for thousands of carpers. It's those little extra percentage points that add up to the capture of a lifetime and having camouflaged hooks definitely counts towards having that season-defining session or gets you one step closer to that landmark carp.

As with the rest of the Kaptor range, the Choddys have been produced in Weed Green and Gravel Brown colours, to match most lake bed situations. The clever green Kap that protects the needle point on a Kaptor also prevents the point becoming coated in the PTFE camou coating during the manufacturing process, which means that they're that little bit sharper than other similar coated hooks – neat eh?

The hooks themselves are just the same as Korda's existing Choddys – all those key features such as the outturned eye, extra-strong wire gauge, specially configured bend and claw-like beaked point, remain on the Kaptor version. Perhaps Korda have just created the ultimate in chod-rig hooks? They think so, and they think that you will too! You'll find them in all Korda stockists right now!

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