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Specialist Sharpened Hooks Anti-Rust Sticks

Specialist Sharpened Hooks Anti-Rust Sticks

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These little sticks are highly effective for stopping those precious hook points rusting, it's very easy to use and the 2 sticks supplied will coat hundreds of points, so it's very cost effective. Pack of 2.

Using one end, rub the stick up and down the hook point several times to coat the sharpened section. Then using a lighter, gently "lick" a flame over the hook point very quickly, this will remove the small amount of residue.

Do not hold the flame in position for any length of time, and do not test the sharpness of the hook after the coating has been applied.

In testing the coating was re-applied the next day or after approx 18-24 hours if a fish was caught using the rig.

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